Quality management

biovis Diagnostics is at the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS) according to the currently valid standard DIN EN ISO 15189 accredited.
By issuing the accreditation certificate we are continuously certified high-quality standard.

  • 2011: First accreditation by DIN EN ISO 15189
  • 2015: Extension of the accreditation
  • 2016: Reaccreditation by DIN EN ISO 15189
  • 2017: Extension of the accreditation
  • 2021: Reassessment by DIN EN ISO 15189
  • 2022: Monitoring of the accreditation
  • 2023: Modification of the accreditation – Move to a new building
  • 2024: Monitoring of the accreditation

Based on this standard, our company is committed to ensuring a competent and reliable diagnosis that serves the health and health of our patients. This includes the ongoing updating of diagnostic facilities as well as the continuous review of the quality of all laboratory examinations through extensive internal and external quality control measures.

The methods and devices used are measured against the current state of knowledge of science. We strive to evaluate new methods early and to include them in routine diagnostics.

Comprehensive consultation with the senders is a central focus, both in pre-analytical and medical matters.

In accordance with the requirements of the European Accreditation for the accreditation of flexible scopes, the list of accredited testing procedures is published here.

The list of accredited tests is continuously updated with newly introduced, further developed, modified, or discontinued testing procedures.

accreditation certificate

list of accredited testing procedures