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Once a month: Web Seminars with Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Dr. habil. Claus Muss
Mo., 25th September 2023 I 6:00 pm CET
Malabsorption is a significant issue in nutritional medicine. In this seminar different possibilities of oral malabsorption will be explained. Malabsorption can affect both macro- and micronutrients and represent an important limitation in nutrient supply. Which symptoms indicate malabsorption, which consequences result from malabsorption and which special diagnostic options can lead to a reliable diagnosis. In addition, aids or methods of prevention or therapy for the individual clinical cases will be discussed.
Once a month: Web Seminars with Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Dr. habil. Claus Muss
Native Immunity
Mo., 30th October 2023 I 6:00 pm CET
The innate (native) immune system has the special task of protecting us from various germs, especially viruses, in the early stages of an infection. However, environmental factors and stress often result in compromised immunity.

Targeted immune modulation is possible on the basis of special diagnostic steps and expands the spectrum of immune modulation. This seminar will deal about the connections of a weakened native immune system and resulting consequences. The possible steps of a targeted immune modulation will be presented on the basis of certain case reports. Solutions of Immunomodulation will be discussed.

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