Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Causes and approaches to individualized therapy

Histamine Intolerance

Tracking Histamine –modern diagnostic clears the path

Parasites in the intestinal tract

A bad feeling in the stomach
can have many causes

Tryptophan metabolism

Potential for new treatment approaches
and better chances of healing

Fatty acids and their importance for human health

An overview of nutritional fundamentals of fatty acids and the diagnostic possibilities for Biovis’ diagnostics

It is our ambition to keep the individual in mind.
For this reason we offer laboratory diagnostics not for the sake of diag-nostics, but for the benefit of the patient. We aim for established and practice-oriented gradual approaches – doing our best to avoid needless, expensive parameters.

Economics before profit optimization
In this context innovation plays a major role. Close co-operations with well-known and respected research groups in Germany and abroad are the basis for further development of promising approaches in the field of stool diagnostics and analyses of food intolerances, oxidative stress or immune deficiencies.
We have also found our own way where prevention is concerned and thus offer new opportunities for physicians and patients. Always keeping the individual in mind is the motto of our work. Therefore the consequences of every diagnostic measure – suitable therapy recommendations and of course individual test reports are the focus of our work.
Biovis’ tries to combine both aspects in a very special way. We do not only produce numbers, but test reports, which are based on anamnestic records and help developing individual therapies.

Since 1st June 2015, Biovis’ Diagnostik offers a complete microbiome analysis as third foundation of stool diagnostics. It is based on the sequencing of isolated bacteria DNA from stool samples.

The analysis of the microbiome includes 250 parameters. The most relevant ones are evaluated and used for diagnosis, report and interpretation. Based on latest research results our evaluation and individual therapy recommendations follow.

Since 2015 Biovis’ Diagnostik is one of the first non-university laboratories offering detailed information about the intestinal bacteria diversity required for the protection against endogenic infections with the aid of microbiome analysis Basic and Plus. In addition, the individual enterotype is determined showing the individual capability of utilizing vitamins and minerals.