Changeover to new requisition forms starting 20.01.2021

Dear colleagues,

after 16 years of Biovis, the time has come: for the first time, we are offering separate request forms for stool and blood diagnostics. This step became necessary as we recently revised our range of analyses. Now we can provide you with an updated and expanded catalog of analytic offerings.

Blood Sheet

The blood sheet comprises analyses from various medical fields, including orthomolecular and mitochondrial medicine, as well as tests for allergies and intolerances. In addition, the request form includes tests for neurological stress, endocrinology, immunology, clinical chemistry, detoxification/toxicology, and genetics. Besides blood analyses, the sheet also includes urine and saliva analyses.


Orthomolecular medicine
The Whole Blood Mineral Analyses Maxi, now includes iodine Bas part of the profile, without changing the price.
Bei den B vitamins as well as vitamin D in bioactive forms.
If vitamin D does not reach therapeutic levels even with substitution, genetic alterations in the vitamin D metabolism may be the cause. The 9 most important gene polymorphisms (SNPs) are summarized for you in the Vitamin D Genetics profile. What has been part of well-founded Vitamin D diagnostics in the USA for years, is finally also available here and even at a much lower price.
Biovis’ has been offering glutathione metabolism analyses for years, now the Intracellular Glutathione can be determined as well.


Allergies and intolerances
In addition to the established Pre-Screen A, the new blood sheet includes a Pre-Screen Combinationthat can not only be used to differentiate IgG4-mediated intolerances from IgE-caused food or pollen-associated allergies. It is also able to differentiate between IgG4- and IgG1-3-mediated intolerances.
A new addition is the analyses for special forms of gluten intolerance affecting the skin and CNS. IgA antibodies against transglutaminase 3 can cause autoimmune diseases of the skin (dermatitis herpetiformis Duhring). Transglutaminase 6 antibodies are a possible cause of gluten ataxia.

Neurological Stress and Endocrinology
The chapter on neurological stress has been expanded. In addition to well-known profiles, entire metabolic analyses are now being offered for the first time. They outline the complex consequences of stress much better than the previously common individual parameter examinations. By taking up to 35 parameters into account, metabolic disorders can be precisely localized, enabling a targeted therapeutic approach. The metabolic analyses allow statements to be made about biologically active metabolites, enzyme activities or relevant cofactors, which include methyl groups or tetrahydrobiopterin in addition to vitamins and minerals. New diagnostic approaches for professionals or those who just want to treat even more specifically and efficiently.

The endocrinology chapter has been extensively revised. New profiles have been created and the interpretations updated. Pregnenolone sulfate can now also be requested from Biovis.

Furthermore, the immunology and hematology chapter contain new features, too. For the first time, Biovis offers the measurement of unstimulated cytokines. The corresponding samples no longer need to be shipped frozen anymore. Express shipment within 24 hours is sufficient to reliably detect cytokine release (TH1, TH2, TH17 cytokines or IL 10). The list of active substances tested for their anti-inflammatory impact using the TNF- α inhibition assay has been expanded to 32 compounds. In addition, it is also possible to test individual, previously submitted active substances or preparations.

Detoxification / Toxicology
In the past, we were repeatedly approached by senders about our incomplete range of analyses we offer in the field of dentistry. This deficit has now been eliminated with the A13 sheet. Numerous new LTTs have been added, as well as the frequently requested titanium stimulation test and the detection of thioethers and mercaptans. A further new addition is the detection of genetic predisposition to inflammation. Last but not least, the number of heavy metals detected with or without chelation has been increased to 38. This means that Biovis now offers a more than competitive range of analyses in the field of dentistry.

In the genetics chapter, we have started to develop indication-related profiles to provide orientation for less experienced colleagues. Thus, in the profiles Depression Genetics and Oxidative/Nitrosative Stress, the most important gene polymorphisms that influence the disease process or lead to an impairment of regulatory mechanisms in oxidative or nitrosative stress are considered.


Stool Sheet

The stool sheet includes all analyses associated with gastrointestinal disorders. In addition to classical stool or microbiome analyses, you will also find metabolome examinations. Some of these are not examined in faeces, but are caused by microbiome changes. Additionally, aromatograms, vaginal examinations and infection diagnostics have been integrated into the stool sheet.


New offers on the stool sheet include expanded microbiome analyses, which now provide significantly more functional groups. These are responsible for the formation of metabolites that can essentially influence human health. By taking the functional groups into account, the clinical relevance of the microbiome increases considerably.

Blastocystis hominis can now be tested directly for its pathogenicity as a follow-up differentiation upon detection, if requested. A further stool examination is no longer necessary. For this purpose, a multiplex PCR has been developed that can identify subtypes and distinguish between apathogenic and pathogenic Blastocystis subtypes.

For the first time, an Irritable Bowel Profile is included in the Biovis analyses spectrum. By measuring important neurotransmitters in the stool, pathogenetically relevant factors for IBS can be detected. This offers new possibilities for targeted causal therapy approaches.

A new feature of the respiratory gas analyses is the inclusion of methane, which is now a part of all breath test measurements. Another new offer is the SIBO breath test for the detection of the bacterial overgrowth syndrome in the small intestine..